Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Virtual Field Trips!

Virtual field trips are one of those cool modern conveniences that the internet makes feasible. Many museums take advantage of this concept; we've certainly found a few treasures out there.

At Tramline Virtual Field Trips, "A field trip {is} created with TourMaker {and it} guides you through a sequence of Web pages on any given topic. For each page, there is simultaneous commentary in an accompanying frame. You move forward and back through the Field Trip using the tour Control Panel and you can leave the Tour to explore links and return to it whenever you want."

You don 't need the software to view the field trips, but if you want to create your own you do. As these navigate web pages, I did find a few dead links, but overall I think it's a cool idea and my son liked them. Some trips have interactive parts, audio, video, cool web resources, etc. It's certainly worth checking out and they have a range of different subjects covered: leonardo Da Vinci, endangered spieces, volcanoes, dinosaurs, aquifers, wonders of the world, etc

Each virtual trip has a designated grade range and contains learner outcomes, if that info rocks your boat ;-)

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  1. This is great...I will be checking this out!
    I'm also glad to discover your blog.

    Thanks so much for linking :)

  2. Thanks Susan-- I'm glad to discover your blog too ;-)


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