Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book: Roberto The Insect Architect

I seem to be posting tons of books lately. We do love books! But I'd be rather remiss if I failed to post about this humble picture book. Why? Because my husband is an architect :)
Again, this picture book will appeal to many age levels and would even be a fun gift for the professional or not-so-professional architect in your life!

Roberto: The Insect Architect is a fun and creative book by Nina Laden who illustrated the book with collage pictures. From the book flaps:

"Ever since he was a wee mite (termite that is), Roberto wanted to be an architect. He longed to follow in the footsteps of such architectural greats as Hank Floyd Mite and Fleas van der Rohe.
 Discouraged by comments from family and friends that he is biting off more than he can chew, he decides to follow his dream to the big, buzzing city, where he meets some not-so-creepy crawlers who spark in him the courage to build a community for them all."

It's a clever, witty read full of inspiration. It's very punny too. The references to real people, given new name twists (Robin Leech/ Barbara Waterbugs), makes it a fun book for anyone! Typically her books are ages 4-12, and up  ;-)

But before I move on, I want to emphasize that Nina Laden is an author/illustrator you may wish to explore further. This is not the only book of hers that's inventive and full of wit! How about trying Romeow and Drooliet or When Pigasso Met Mootise? The latter book may be featured when I finally get around to summing up our mini Picasso "study."

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  1. I have a few people I can think of that would enjoy this book. It is one I had not seen before.

  2. I love coming across new ideas and books, so I'm glad to share. Thanks for letting me know-- it's fun to hear what others think about what I post!


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