Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book: Palazzo Inverso

The above video takes you through the first half of this MC Escher-esque book, it's a teaser. But not enough of a teaser if you ask me; the book itself is much more exciting to look at and read. I love the way the text wraps the pages and sends you back to the beginning.

Palazzo Inverso is by DB Johnson.
Amazon's summary: "Mauk's master is drawing up plans for a grand palazzo, and Mauk is NOT allowed to help. Mauk only sharpens the master's pencils--he doesn't actually use them.
...Or does he? One morning, Mauk's master is horrified to discover that his plans have run amok, and the construction of the grand palazzo has, too! Is Mauk really to blame? Or is that just the master's point of view?

This is a cute book to read on it's own, but would make a great addition to a study about MC Escher or drawing.

Although I recommend getting the book itself, you can read it online here. Problem is, you just don't get the whole tactile experience of reading the text, getting to the end, and flipping the book upside down and reading the wrapped text back to the beginning. It's much more fun to explore the actual book!



  1. Hi there - I'm so glad to have found your blog. I just started unschooling my 9 year old this school year, and sometimes feel a bit lost... your blog looks like a great resource for ideas :)

  2. Welcome Denise, I'm glad you found me too ;-) It's so much fun when you know someone out there is reading the blog. And I was just about to feel uninspired and lazy, but I think you've rejuvenated my enthusiasm! I'm gone this weekend so, I may post today, but then not till Monday.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Unschooling is amazing gift to our children, but can be confusing in the beginning. Heck! Doubts can creep in at any stage. And we all need to find the happy mediums that work for our own families.


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