Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Royal Alberta Museum-- Downtown!

[I'm not sure why the video is not uploading... instead, follow this link for the video]

The RAM has been under review for an upgrade for several years now. Apparently there have been too many hurdles to grow the provincial museum in it's current location. The new plan, as viewed in the video, is to build it downtown, just north of City Hall.  It looks like a really exciting project which I hope goes to a local firm, particularly one that focuses on sustainable design.

For more details, check out this press release link.

Because the new building is constructed off site from the current museum location, it will remain open during the years of construction! Yay  ;-) I'm very excited for a bigger and better museum; I have often lamented about some of the amazing ideas I've come across while visiting other museums around the world. I've had enough of a sampling to know we can do so much better here.


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