Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royal Alberta Museum Feature Exhibits-- close soon!

Today we went to the RAM and I'm so glad we did. I haven't been paying attention to the turn around of new exhibits, so I hadn't realised that two of the newest additions (Illegal Killer Trade and Better Choose Me) were ending May 1 and the third (Heart and Soul) May 8th. I also didn't realise how interested my son would be in them and their activities.

So here they are...
[note, it was an impromptu visit and I was without a camera, but the links bring you to a pdf flyer with a few photos]

Illegal Killer Trade. There were several hands on activities that were a hit, including an airport security scan game.
From the RAM website...

"The illegal wildlife trade is extremely profitable, ranking just behind that in drugs and weapons. The over-exploitation of animals for trade is second only to habitat destruction in causing the extinction of wildlife species. The fate of many species is in the hands of those who buy them and those maintaining the market.
Illegal Killer Trade takes visitors on a journey through a travel agency, across borders, through a bazaar, an apothecary, souvenir stalls, an exotic animal cave and even a street kitchen. This travelling exhibition, presented in English and French, educates visitors on ethical souvenir choices and what they can do to prevent the extinction of endangered species. Illegal Killer Trade is a production of the Granby Zoo in collaboration with the Exhibition Production Centre of the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature & Science and Environment Canada."

Heart and Soul: Quebec Folk Art. This was a colourful and quirky exhibit. It was neat how some of the art was meant to be touched and explored.
From the RAM website...

"What do a wooden weather vane, an eggshell painting and a grader made of bottle caps have in common? Find out in this lively exhibition on Quebec folk art. Produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Heart and Soul: Quebec Folk Art takes you on a journey through more than sixty remarkable pieces.
Heart and Soul brings together a variety of impressive works - sculptures, paintings, ceramics and more - that demonstrate the talent of folk artists, past and present. There are antique and contemporary pieces, traditional and non-conformist works. The works of some of Quebec's most interesting contemporary folk artists are featured in one section of the exhibition, demonstrating that folk art is still alive and well. Visitors can get to know these artists through recorded interviews, and discover what motivates their creativity.
Visitors will be impressed with the variety and quality of the works on display: remarkably refined animal sculptures; a gallery of characters carved with a humorous touch; paintings and drawings; everyday objects; and religious works, such as nativity scenes."

Better Choose Me:Collecting and Creating With Tobacco Fabric Novelties.  This one was not a hit with my son. There was only one fabric piece that caught his eye.

From the RAM website...

"Better Choose Me tells the story of fabric novelties issued with tobacco products from 1880 to 1920.
Brightly coloured silk ribbons were tied around bundles of cigars to advertise their quality and brand names. The ribbons became a popular collectible during the 1880s, and many women sewed them into table covers, quilts and pillow tops.
With increased competition in the tobacco industry in the early 20th century, new advertising items were produced to promote regular purchase and brand loyalty. Both silk and cotton flannel novelties were printed in collectible sets and distributed with tobacco purchases. Women were encouraged to collect these fabric novelties and to make them into useful and decorative items for the home.
The exhibition features cigar ribbons, cigarette silks and tobacco flannels from the Ethel Ewert Abrahams collection, Kauffman Museum, Kansas."


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