Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun With Amazing Paper Toys and Models

From The Toy Maker
Way back when, we used to have fun exchanging flat travellers (aka flat Stanley)-- check out this old post for details. We used to make our own flatties and even got into paper dolls. One thing led to another and we discovered all kinds of paper doll and paper toy sites! Really, there seems to be an endless supply of free paper dolls... all you have to do is Google "free paper dolls" and you'll be flooded with websites or click over to just the images! From Berenstain Bears to old vintage sets, some cost but many are free.

Well, I'm not going to list all those sites. What I am proposing to share are just a couple I had left over in my bookmarks.

Download a Dragon is a good start for those mythologically oriented. Here you can print out castles, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, and more. The creators of this website also did Download a Dinosaur. The items here vary in quality, but are sure to entertain!
From Paper Toys

And more fun can be found at general paper toy websites (just search "paper toys").

The Toy Maker has some really lovely paper toys to make. They have everything from cards, boxes, baskets, and bags to origami, paper toys, and ephemera. Categories include animal and bug friends, fairies and magic, math and learning toys, toys that move, gifts and boxes, and fun and whimsy! Great for children and adults alike.

And then there is Paper Toys with all kinds of detailed vehicles to make, masks, dinosaurs, houses (Bill Gate's), buildings (Empire State Building/ Shakespear's Globe Theatre), historical places (Mt Rushmore/ Great Wall of China), and way more... well, just follow the link to see the list.

From RavensBlight
Step it up a notch with a more spookier set of very detailed, rich coloured paper toys at RavensBlight Toy Shop. These haunted paper treasures are sure to delight those of us with a different sense of humour ;-) What's there? Coffin gift boxes (awesome for Halloween parties!), cemeteries, haunted houses, all kinds of skeletons and monsters, magic tricks, cards, dice, board games, life sized human skeleton, werewolf mask, colouring pages, a balancing bat, pinhole camera, skull, more masks, helmets, a marionette, and so much more. And several of the haunted houses come with background stories!!! This is a real must check out ;-) Um, can you tell I like Halloween!   

From RavensBlight


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