Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Art Shows

I love art shows and gallery openings. My son? Well, he often gets bored if the food isn't good enough!

An art opening isn't everyone's cup of tea, but what about an informal private family art show?

This is exactly what my friend did and it was a great idea that turned out awesome. Once the idea was conceived, she sent out invitations to two other families (yes, we were one of them, lol) requesting their attendance for an afternoon of art and fun (read... play time). Actually, I think the idea and dates were bounced around for a while before the formal invites went out, so we all had lots of time to create. Adults and children alike were encouraged to provide art pieces for the occasion in whatever form inspired them. No pressure. No rigid rules. Anything was possible, even not contributing!

Since this was on a weekend day, it was a  whole family participation event and almost everyone was able to make it. It was a typical cheese and cracker event complete with beverages and ?candy?! Ok, not quite sure who's idea that was....   :P

With little plates in hand (or drink) we toured around the house taking in all the creative pieces displayed. The artists all had a chance to talk about their work and answer questions. Taking cues from the younger artists, we didn't over linger but kept the momentum going. Once all displays were enjoyed, play time erupted and the ensuing chaos was dismissed to the upper or lower floors of the domain  ;-)

I'll share some of the art that was conjured up for this day! There were two video installations (one Lego, one Pokemon), four sketch books, origami, snowflakes, kirigami, drawings, paintings, play dough model of Falling Water, two house models, maps, a display about the zodiac, and ice candles!

It was a great time!

The initial idea was that we'd drop off the art (and bios) before hand for our hosts to put up and display. Like I said, this was a wonderfully informal event and that little bit did not come to pass. We arrived with our treasures and chose rooms or wall spaces in which to set up. It worked out great. 

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