Monday, December 27, 2010

Idea: Chocolates!

Bulk Chocolate Melts
Any time is perfect for chocolate making, but holiday season is very ideal too: gift making!

I remember making coloured chocolates in Kindergarten, in fact I have a photo of it somewhere. Although I didn't look terribly pleased in the photo, I have fond memories of 'painting' the chocolate molds!

Used a Spoon To Mix the Colour and to Pour
We aren't painting with a brush as that detail is more than my son is interested in. In fact, I think the quicker the better in this case. Um, yeah, it means the chocolates are ready sooner! It's all about the eating :)

I purchased this pretzel chocolate mold from Michaels, but my son is not so keen on the mixing of chocolate and pretzels. Pretzels should be separate, duh  ;-)
The chocolate melts (a white and a dark chocolate) I bought in bulk at the grocery store as Michael's price is ridiculous, but I did buy the candy colouring from that craft store.

Oooey Gooey

And it was so simple...
just melt, in the microwave or double broiler
and pour!
---colour the melted white chocolate before pouring, if you feel like it!
Let them set in the fridge for 5-10 minutes (quicker, but not necessary)
The chocolates fall out of the molds very easily, so it's important not to flip over the mold too high or the chocolates will fall out and shatter... but you can always remelt and pour!

In the Mold

No Pretzles at the Bottom!

No Colours Added

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  1. Next you'll have to try your hands with soft centers, etc. ;)


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