Friday, December 17, 2010

Reuse Craft: Gift Tags and Cards

Tag Template
What to do with all those holiday greeting cards?! Of course, many of us display them during the season and some of us keep them forever, but I think the majority of people trash or recycle them.

Here's an idea:
Collect old cards (keep yours for the next holiday season) and cut them all up!

Lovely Tags By My Son
If there is no writing behind the front picture, you can make gift tags. I made a quick template for my son to use, but he wisely knew better and created his own fantastical tag shapes  :)

If there is writing on the back of the picture, or you prefer cards, cut up the old cards to make new ones. You can buy pre-folded blank cards with envelopes at crafts stores or simply use card stock (like I do) to make the cards and buy note card sized envelopes for them. Rearrange the cut up pieces to make a pleasing card and give it away... after writing something nice in it!

My Son's Notecards


  1. Great cards and gift tags :) awesome to reuse the old cards.

  2. will there be an "e-card" version next year?


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