Thursday, November 11, 2010

Idea: Audiobooks

Some Audiobooks Bought from the Library Sale
Just a quick thought...

Who doesn't love a good story?! While reading is an awesome activity, it isn't the only way to ingest a good book ;-)

Over the years, we have listened to a multitude of audiobooks encompassing all kinds of genres. Sure, in the beginning, we put on them on for our son before he could read well, but continued enthusiastically even when his reading surpassed grade level. I love listening to a well read book just like my son and we often enjoy an afternoon engrossed in stories read by a stranger. Where? At home, out and about, or in the car are all great places we've enjoyed audiobooks. I even bought a double headphone adapter so my son and I can listen to the mp3 player or disc player together! 

I find audiobooks a great excuse not to read those books that grow tiresome for me to read, but that my son enjoys listening to. Now he has a choice: read them on his own or listen to them if there is an audio version. And that leaves time for me to read aloud the books I do enjoy reading to my son, lol! Win-win!

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