Friday, December 10, 2010

Mixology: Bath Salts

Who doesn't love bath salts? Oddly enough my son will often choose bath salts over bubble bath. Furthermore, he just loves mixing up his own bath salts. Is it the colour mixing he loves? I'm not sure because he also really enjoyed bagging up his multi-coloured creations for a bake and craft sale he participated in (which is today). In each bag, he layered the different colours of bath salts and topped it with a sea shell.

There's not much to this idea! It's just too simple.

*Buy Epsom salts and food colouring.
*Poor salts into a bowl and add drops of colour.
*Blend with a spoon (we found a bit of grinding action with the back of the spoon very helpful).
*Put the coloured salts into an air tight container.
*Use on yourself or give as a gift.

That said, other things can round out and make for even better bath salts.

Consider adding sea salt, baking soda (softens the skin), or other salts. Kick it up a notch with powdered citric acid! Citric acid, which I found out the hard way has a shelf life, gives the salts a bubbling fizz and is the key ingredient in bath bombs.

Don't want to use food colouring? Try a liquid soap colouring, micas, or test out natural alternatives. Just keep in mind that the adding of liquids to baths salts needs to be kept to a minimum, lol. Well, at least until it hits the bath water!

Ready For Market!
Ah, and then there is the wonderful world of scents. You can purchase fragrance oils or essential oils to create an aromatic bath salt. Not all of the available scents are good for skin contact, so be mindful when choosing. Oh, and it is advisable to mix such oils with the salts in a glass or metal bowl as plastics will absorb the scent too readily. You can use a plastic bowl, but it will no longer be food safe. Lol, but if you don't believe plastics are food safe anyways.... the point it moot ;-)

That reminds me, I *do* have a Dutch Chocolate fragrance oil that my son would probably flip over. I'll pull it out for the next round of mixology!


  1. Bath salts are always wonderful and great gifts ;). How did you all do at the craft sale?

  2. Well, pretty good seeing that it was all the vendors supporting each other with very few walk ins.


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