Monday, December 20, 2010

Documentary: My Kid Could Paint That!

Abstract art: a controversy. Is it valid art or a spit in the face? Do you love it or hate it?

My Kid Could Paint That is a documentary that explores the sensational story of Marla Olmstead, a four year old abstract painter of amazing paintings that sold for thousands of dollars, whose work could easily be slipped into major famous galleries according to some. It starts off all pro-Marla and ends full of intrigue and doubt. Did she really paint those canvasses? All by herself without any coaching? Does it matter?

Intriguing to be sure and it raises many questions. My son watched this with me and was instantly inspired to paint! I spread out a table cloth on the floor with a large sheet of paper and finger paints. Finger paints are great to use if you wish the resulting art work to become wrapping paper! I believe he completed 6 great works of art by the end of the film ;-)

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