Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt #2

While out hiking in nature, look for the following. Use a camera to capture what you find. Check off the ones you find and/or answer the question. Good Luck!

Items Needed: some paper with a pencil/crayon, a small garbage bag and gloves to pick up trash.

1)      Collect trash as you go.

2)      Find a leaf that isn’t green.

3)      Using a piece of paper and a pencil/crayon, make a rubbing of tree bark.

4)      Find a non-living object that is green.

5)      Find a pine cone.

6)      Collect sticks and make a tepee with them or some other creative piling.

7)      What is the neatest sound you can hear?

8)      What’s the youngest thing you can find?

9)      Locate some water.

10)  Find two different kinds of grasses.

11)   Find and identify some animal tracks.

12)   Can you spot some feathers?

13)   Spin around in a circle, when you stop, sketch the first thing you see.

14)   Find five blue things.

15)   Pretend to be a carnivore and find your prey.

16)   What’s the largest thing around?

17)   Locate some berries. Do Not Eat. What colour are they?

18)   Count how many people you pass and say “Hi” to.

19)   Have a rest on a park bench and have someone take your photo.

20)   Find a spider’s web. What kind is it?

21)   Stop. Close your eyes. Sniff the air: what do you smell?

22)   Find a sign. What does it say?

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