Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt #1

While out hiking in nature, look for the following. Use a camera to capture what you find. Check off the ones you find and/or answer the question. Good Luck!

Items Needed: some bird seed or water, a piece of paper with a pencil/crayon, a small garbage bag and gloves to pick up trash.

1)      Find and identify some thing yellow.

2)      Find two different kinds of flying insects.

3)      Find an oak tree.

4)      In a special place, leave some bird seed/ pour out some water as a thank you to Nature for the visit.

5)      Find spruce cones.

6)      How many different birds can you spot?

7)      What is the prettiest thing you can find?

8)      What is the stinkiest thing on your hike?

9)      Find a white flower.

10)  Find something that begins with the letter R

11)   Find some mushrooms. Do not eat them, just take a photograph!

12)   How many kinds of lichen can you spot?

13)   Find a bottle or can to recycle.

14)   Find a bird’s nest.

15)   Look around for a special spot and make a fairy home from natural items nearby

16)   Find something out of place.

17)   Using paper and pencil/ crayon, make a rubbing of a cool leaf. Date and label it.

18)   Feel the bark of all the different trees you come across. Which is your favourite? Why?

19)   Locate some moss and gently touch it. What does it feel like?

20)   Identify something that makes no noise… ever.

21)   Find something that begins with the same letter as your own name.

22)   Pick up as much litter as you can find.

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