Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AGA-- Children's Gallery: Play On Architecture!

I know I've shared plenty of posts on the Art Gallery of Alberta, but I'd be terribly remiss if I failed to write about the BMO World of Creativity, (aka the children's gallery). Why would I be derelict in my duties? Why, because, one of the trio that designed this current space is a home schooling Dad!

It's a very fun area where kids can build with big foam blocks, draw with the tracing tables, and doodle on the white board. There are two cameras on the ceiling, aimed at the white board, so people can photograph themselves and their art and even email home the pictures.... before or after manipulating them on the computers in all kinds of fascinating and wacky ways!

Straight from the AGA website:

"Discover how the buildings around you are designed! Play with giant building blocks to create your own 3-D structures. Mix traditional drawing and drafting techniques with modern technology to share your architectural designs!

The BMO World of Creativity is an interactive, hands-on space where children and their grown-ups can explore their creativity! BMO World of Creativity exhibitions and themes change from year-to-year.

Play on Architecture at the BMO World of Creativity is designed by local architects Laura Plosz, Troy Smith and Shafraaz Kaba and sponsored by Group 2 Architecture and Engineering and Manasc Isaac Architects."

The website indicates this gallery closing November 28, 2010. However, I heard a rumour that it will be held over into December. I will need to confirm that though.


  1. We're looking forward to visit the AGA this week (or next, as this is a pretty busy week). :)

  2. The BMO room looks pretty cool.

  3. darn right it's cool.

    and we had good test kids to check on destructibility.


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