Monday, September 20, 2010

AGA -- Edward Burtynsky: Oil

Oil Fields #30
The Art Gallery of Alberta has two new installations, one being Burtynsky's amazing photographs that delve deep into the subject of oil from various vantage points. Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer.

This new exhibit is on the top floor and is a must see. It's a photography exhibit of oil fields, oil sands, oil tankers, the automotive industry, and waste; from the beginnings of oil to the death of oil and everything in between. Some of the photos are painfully stunning and others are breath-taking in their scope. It's a paradox: disturbing beauty.

Oil Refineries #22

These little photos do not do the exhibit justice; one must see these in the large gallery scale. The last photo, was one of my favourites. It was like fallen autumn leaves and white lichen/moss.

Oh, I almost forgot to say: there is a self-guide tour pamphlet just outside the exhibit entrance.

AGA link to the current exhibit.

Edward Burtynsky's website.

Densified Oil Drums #4
Ferrous Bushling #18

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