Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Famous Birthday Celebrations-- A Past Example

On January 27, 2009 we celebrated Mozart's birthday (born in 1756). This was our very first endeavour and we eased into our new idea with a famous person we already knew and loved.

The kitchen table was decorated with a display of library books and CDs and we ate breakfast while listening to Mozart's classical music. A great way to start the day, wouldn't you say?!

This was followed by the Classical Kids' story about the Magic Flute, Mozart's Magic Fantasy and Mozart's Magnificant Voyage, a biography told with music. It was a very auditory day and right up my son's alley. Two other CDs we listened to were The Mozart Effect and The Magic of Mozart.

A couple of the books included Clothes of the Early Modern World by Christine Hatt and Young Mozart (a picture book) by Isadora.

Since it was one of the instruments Mozart played and one my son was unfamiliar with, we googled harpsichords, looked at the pictures, and listened to examples on YouTube. Colouring pages of harpsichords and Mozart were found and printed off.

We took a virtual tour through the Miracle's Wax Museum in Salzburg, Austria. The link I had no longer works. I tried a quick search and couldn't find it, sorry.

As I noted at the time, other options could have been to explore the country of origin, foods, and customs. Really, there are no limits!


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