Saturday, September 25, 2010

M.C. Escher Scavenger Hunt

Well, the AGA is only holding the Escher exhibit until October 11, 2010. Since there is still time and this exhibit will exist elsewhere, I suppose I can post this hunt too. Perhaps it can be used with a book of M.C. Escher's collected works! Maybe.

Or maybe it will serve to stimulation your imagination in creating your own hunts!

1)      Find a lunar surface. What animals are on it?

2)      How many dung beetles (scarabs) can you find?

3)      Find some toothpaste!

4)      What shape do the bats make?

5)      How many pictures have fish in them?

6)      Find a snail!

7)      Can you find a vanilla bean tree? What is something else in the picture?

8)      Where is the woman knitting?

9)      Can you find a flatworm?

10)   How many bell towers can you find in the different pictures?

11)   Find a chameleon tongue.

12)   Find the 5 of spades. What is the other card in the picture?

13)   Is there a broken egg somewhere?

14)   Find a dragonfly.

15)   Can you find water?

16)   Find a turtle.

17)   Find a floating castle!

18)   Where are the 9 ants?

19)   Find a windmill.

20)   Find a sunken church.

21)  How many books can you find?

22)   What picture is your favourite? Why?

23)   Which one is your least favourite, why?

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