Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Idea: Boxes

I think all parents figure this one out at some point or another, but when does the basic cardboard box fascination end?!

Almost from day one, babies and toddlers love The Box. Powered by their own imaginations and perceptions, the box becomes a true friend and toy for hours upon hours. And all this without digging into the artsNcraft section of your home... which eventually becomes another method of interacting with The Box. Such creative and imaginative play from such simple item!

It's Dracula, Look Out!
My son has rediscovered this natural obsession with The Box. Of course, his play has turned to more complex, and perhaps, grimmer themes. And yet, the love is there. He was very disappointed that I required those boxes for the green tomatoes I harvested just before our first frost. No worries, once the tomatoes ripen, he can have his new toys back!

To be fair, I suppose I too have an attraction to boxes. I love beautiful containers and special boxes. I enjoy making origami boxes and painting small wooden ones. Perhaps the fascination never ends, just changes...

evolves? devolves?

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  1. You are right ... the fascination never ends .. just changes. I can remember new toys discarded for a brief time while two young ladies spent hours with The Box. And as The Box would slowly deteriorate it would become a different item, or place to suit its new look.

    mmm, interesting thoughts how The Box seems to remain in our lives!!


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