Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Scary Long Post of Boredom Jar ideas

Here is the initial boredom jar list my son and I made up in case you are interested, want a running start, or want inspiration. It is obviously personal and much may be of no use for your own boredom jar. Hopefully you can copy and paste this easily into your own word program and edit and add. Too bad I can't post pdfs into my blog. Well, at least I don't know how without using a service I need to subscribe to.

Sing a song


Watch a movie

Sweep the floors

Start a NEW book

Read a book

Listen to an audiobook

Look at M.C. Escher posters

Listen to stories

Play with Lego

Write a story

Clean up toys and books

Record a story

Look at Lego online

Practice printing/ letters

Write a letter/email to someone

Celebrate a birthday

Learn something new

Play a game

Play with kitchen set

Play with pretend money

Paint a picture

Colour a picture

Colour a mandala

Draw a picture

Make birthday/thank you cards

Make craft… depending on your most current interests

Pick a location on the wall map and research it online and find some library books

Make a spooky craft

Check out some tumble books on library

Go for a nature walk

Go for a bike ride

Start a journal

Make a comic

Write a poem

Go on a treasure hunt (indoor/outdoor)*

Select a project from Usborne art books

Do a science experiment

Bake something

Cook something

Listen to music

Learn about slime

Learn something disgusting

Select something from the Palooza books

Create a list

Give some toys away

Give some books away

Go to a park

Start a lapbook

Do some origami

Do a sewing project

Read some poetry

Do a puzzle

Do Sudoku

Go geocaching

Write to John Acorn

Play with family pet

Make a diorama

Make and play with homemade play dough

Write a letter to your cousin/ family member

Write to Prime Minister/ Mayor

Blow bubbles

Go to Zoo/ TWOS/ Muttart/ Ft Ed/ AGA

Go to a museum (includes U of A)

Go on or plan a day trip

Go out and pick up garbage in neighbourhood or park

Nature quest for mushrooms/ moss/ lichen/ insects, etc

Bake something for a firestation or other place

Make get well cards for Stollery (or something similar)

Take a rest in the hammock or on the lawn

Start a club

Make a terrarium

Face painting

Trash/ eco- crafts

Beading for self or as gifts (necklace, bracelet, peace beads, etc)

Paper airplanes—make and play

Make food for Khana

Write reviews: books, movies, plays, Lego toys, etc

Write a blog post

Start a family newsletter

Make up a play, use costumes, and put it on for family

Help someone out.

Do a kind deed

Tell someone why they are so awesome

Create an ideal travel itinerary for an awesome vacation

Create a futuristic world. Describe it, draw it, write a story…

“Paint a picture with lemon juice on white paper and hang it in a sunny window and see what happens in a few days”

“Search your house for items made in other countries and then learn about those countries from the encyclopedia or online”

Make a treasure map

Make a map of a pretend country or world

Do a collage (may be to illustrate a story)

Make a pinata

Watch insects in the garden. Check out the ants after putting some food near them

Watch the clouds and find shapes

Go star gazing (Elk Island, out in the country, observatory at TWOS)

Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

Sketch something (inside or outside depending on weather)

Play with clay (modelling or make your own)

Plan an imaginary trip to the moon or different planet

do brain teasers (ie: crosswords, word searches, hidden pictures, mazes, etc.)

Make wrapping paper

Plant a container garden

Sprout seeds

Learn magic tricks

Search for 4 leaf clovers

Make gifts

Read a magazine

Collect natural items: rocks, leaves, etc

Play ball

Explore with magnifying glass

Use binoculars

Do yoga


Make a page for the gratitude book

Look through family photo albums

Plan a meal: select recipes, make a menu

Write yourself a letter. Seal it a mail it to yourself at a much later date (2 months/ 1 year) or ask parents to do so in 10 years

Plan a party around a theme and implement it

List ideas follow that are great to add to or

supplement the Boredom Jar once created!

Make a list of things to do before you’re 12

Make a list of places to visit before you’re grown up

Make a list of MUST READ books. One for a To Read List and another of ones you read (good for other people)

Make a list of your favourites: colours, music, people, places, flowers, smells, sights, tastes, art work, etc

Make a list of all the things you like to eat

Make a list of things you’d like to give

Make a list of things to learn this month

Make a list of things to learn this year

Make a list of your favourite toys

Make a list of gift ideas to make

Make a list of things to bake

Make a list of themed parties to throw

Make a list of crafts to make

Make a list of insects you love

Make a list of Edmonton parks

Make a list of things that are red

Make a list of things that are soft

Make a list of things to photograph

Make a list of story ideas

Make a list of people to learn more about

Make a list of people to write to

Make a list of things to write about

Make a list of science experiments to do

Make a list of places to go to in Edmonton

Research the Seven Wonders of the World and create a list of the Seven Wonders of Edmonton/ Alberta/ Canada

Make a list of things you’re great at

Make a list of things that describe you

Make a list of things you’re grateful for

Spiral Draw (use book or make a craft)

Make a notebook/ pad of paper

Make a poster

Invent something

Make an ABC picture book

Make a Lego video

Make a nature video

Make a documentary

Illustrate a fairy tale

Write your own creation myth

Write your own folktale

Solve a brain teaser

Send thank you notes to (a) family/friend(s). Think of one reason (or more) to write about.

Make a note card with at least one compliment in it and send it to (a) family and/or friend(s)

Write and illustrate a picture book

Using stickers, create a story

Play with mud

Build a sandcastle

Fabric paint (T-shirt or something)

Go for a walk

Learn a magic trick

Learn a spy code

Play on the computer

Play with water: sprinkler, squirt bottles/guns

Make a bird house or bird bath

Play soccer/ hacky sac

Watch a YouTube video

Try a new kind of fruit or vegetable

Make a mask

Weave paper

Finger/hand/foot  print art

Make a sculpture

Write a news article

Conduct an interview

Love mommy

Design a robot

Learn about a new animal, one you’ve never heard about before

Make bath salts

Make rock candy

Make a Gods Eye

Create scenes with your toys and take photos. Use the photos to create a picture book.

Play with an imaginary friend

Make a mobile

“All About My Family” project

Make an ABC book—photography

Make colouring pages/books (use markers)—good gift idea


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