Saturday, November 6, 2010

Idea: Gratitude

One Clear Coat and Ready to Be Painted!
Gratitude Rocks! So why not grab a nice sized rock, wash it up, paint it if you feel like it, and carry it around with you in your pocket as a physical reminder to feel gratitude, to find gratitude from every situation, and to express gratitude. In fact, why not paint some extra for family and friends! Give the gift of gratitude.

Many Coloured Pages
Family Gratitude Binder. It really doesn't get any easier than this. A simple three ringed binder and several blank pages within. We chose unlined pages of various colours for fun, to mix things up a bit. My son had lots of fun stamping and colouring a title page. His title: The Big Book of Things We Love and Are Grateful For! And any time we feel like adding to it, we write down the date and then what we are grateful for. I like to start each piece of gratitude with the words "I am grateful for..." I like the rhythm; I like the emphasis of the repetition. Often someone doodles or draws an illustration, but it's all informal and reflects our current moods of creativity.

Family Gratitude Binder
The Gratitude Journal. Articulating gratitude in a journal format is similar to that of the Family Gratitude Binder, but can be more formal and certainly more private and personal. I've heard it recommended to jot down at least three things you are grateful for each day. I challenge you to write up a whole list, a whole page, of gratitude. This is a great way to find the extra little things you are grateful for, not just those big ones. Of course, it all depends on what size your journal is as to how much of a challenge this truly is ;-)

Prayer/ Meditation/ Mantras. An expression of gratitude before a meal or before bedtime or upon waking are all common and wonderful times to verbalise gratitude. Why not meditate on gratitude too?! Meditating on the word 'gratitude' would be one suggestion. Meditating on the concept of gratitude would be another. Or simply meditate on all the things you are grateful for. Try googling "guided gratitude meditation." I don't have any to recommend as I have not done this, but guided meditations can be great-- hopefully there is a good one on gratitude. Let me know if you find one!

Gratitude Peace Beads
Gratitude Beads. Similar to prayer beads, gratitude beads can be a wonderful reminder and tool for gratitude. Like the gratitude rocks, you can carry these with you where ever you go and use them for comfort when you're stressed or to count off all the things that fill you with gratitude. They can be used any way you wish, but one idea is to say one thing you are grateful for per bead. You can use any string of beads or, better yet, make your own. This is an excellent craft for the young and young at heart ;-) My son enjoyed making his "peace" beads so much he made a set for me. He wanted peace beads to help him remain calm and peaceful, but he also used them as gratitude prayer beads.

Gratitude Poster. As a family, a group, or individually, make a gratitude poster. This is a fantastic idea for a special occasion: Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, someone's birthday, or some other milestone. Depending on personal preference, the poster can be drawn, painted, collaged from magazines, etc. The theme/occasion will inspire the direction of the poster. For example, if it is for someone's birthday, it would make sense to express all the things the guests are grateful about that person. If it is New Year's Eve, perhaps a poster of all the things you are grateful for from the past year.

Garland of Gratitude. Use string, yarn, ribbon, or streamers and tape/glue written gratitudes onto it. Write the gratitudes out on paper leaves, flowers, or a shape of your choice. This would be a fun party or dinner activity whereby the guests help decorate!

More ideas?

Sing a song of gratitude.
Dance a dance of gratitude.
Write a poem of gratitude.
Start a gratitude blog... a 365 day challenge!
Collect quotes on gratitude, create a booklet... give it as a gift.
Create gratitude cards... with quotes, or your own expressions, or as thank you cards.
Tell someone why you are grateful they are in your life.
Give a gift just because, in the name of gratitude.

I found this lovely idea on "Show Me Crafts" blog: Gratitude Tree

How do you like to express your gratitude?


  1. You could make awesome gratitude rocks with your rock tumbler too ;).

  2. How did you know I've been thinking about the rock tumbler lately ;-)


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