Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Figures in History, A Manga Series

Another successful whim! Spotted on the library bookshelves while browsing, Great Figures in History: Leonardo Da Vinci was a welcome addition to my son's reading. Consumed in one sitting, this "Full-Color Manga" inspired the request for the rest of the series!

Some other great figures to explore: Einstein, Ghandi, Curie, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela! If the EPL doesn't bring these in, I better request they do! And which ever new ones are out there lurking about, just waiting to be discovered.

There's even supposed to be a Parent and Teacher's Guide is available for download from the website. But quite frankly, I couldn't find it on their website, let me know if you do, lol!

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  1. I love finding creative ways to get kids engaged with biographies and history. Manga is so huge and using it to engage kids in learning is a wonderful combination.

  2. biographies and histories have always been a favourite topic around here. We avoid the text book style learning (often those books hold little interest) and look for the more creative bios and stories (picture books, audio, dvd, etc). I like the idea off lapbooks too, but we never really got into them.

    If you're interested Bailey, on Sept. 25, 2010, I made two posts about celebrating famous birthdays as a mini unit idea to explore history (or current history). Basically, you celebrate a famous person's birthday on the correct day by learning about him/her and do what they like/did.


    And Here:


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