Thursday, March 17, 2011


What do you get when Ricky Gervais focuses his twisted humour and sites on children's books? You get a bizarre series depicting the evolution of Flanimals.

What are flanimals? I'm sure I could not explain. However, a chance meeting with Flanimals of the Deep at our local library has unexpectedly plunged our house into this wacky world. My son loves this book and is excited to learn it isn't the first or last of its kind. New holds have been established on the library card and the anticipation is rising.

I haven't told my son yet, but I think I just read that there is a CGI-type movie in the works! Maybe a TV series? For the books and this movie/TV info: click here.

Chapter 2: The Diversity of Life; Chapter 3: The Flanisaurs; Chapter 4: The Mulons

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