Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Sharing Monday: Popcorn!

Who doesn't like popcorn?!

Popcorn! by Elaine Landau

I love popcorn and while looking for popcorn recipe books I found this fun picture book packed with the history and the science of popcorn. Colourfully illustrated, this book gets 4.5 stars out of 5 from my son!

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  1. Cool! One trip I never got to planning was to a popcorn farm back in Ontario. That would have been a great book to go along with that field trip. I think everyone likes popcorn. Maybe even more people then those who love chocolate? LOL! Okay... maybe not, but thanks for sharing. We'll be checking that one out now.

  2. P.S. If you want to join in on Book Sharing Monday, Alex, who hosts it on her Canadian Home Learning blog is a personal friend of mine. You can visit her site to see more books that people share.

  3. Thanks, Our Pace for the great idea. I just committed this post to Book Sharing Monday ;-) Um, guess then I'll have to keep up, lol!

    Oh, and right now popcorn is my fave over chocolate, but ONLY because it's hard to find good dairy free chocolate that has no refined sugar!

  4. Thanks for sharing this book - looks like a fun one! And who doesn't like popcorn?

  5. Welcome to Book Sharing Monday and thanks for sharing this Popcorn book! I noticed it at the library before, but we haven't checked it out yet.

  6. Welcome VivJM and Alex. I've been posting books lately and Our Pace let me in on the BSM project, so it's only natural that to join this sharing. I'm always in the market for good books and seeing what other people like.

    VivJM, looks like some pretty fun quilting on your blog. Some day... I'll find time ;-) Lol, not till after our move though!

  7. Looks like a great book! I love books that tell about something fun in an informative and fun manner. Thanks for sharing!


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