Saturday, October 30, 2010

Idea: NaNoWriMo

30 days of intense writing. It's fast and furious with complete disregard of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and ramblings, just to complete a first draft of a novel in one month. Write, write, write! This is NaNoWriMo. Writing can only begin November 1 and must end by midnight November 30. The goal is to complete 50 000 words within that time frame.  It's fun and there are all kinds of support.

Well, that's the goal for adults. Those under the age of 17 can set their own word-count goals. NaNoWriMo has a Young Writer's Program section complete with rules, guidelines, assistance, workbooks, forums, and other resources.  

You can even hook up with other NaNoWriMos in your local area. Edmonton is home to the EdmoWriMo Literary Ninjas! Who knew? And they have events set up throughout November and the beginning of December.

As a participant or promoter, you can download your own web badges here!

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