Sunday, October 10, 2010

Geocaching on Vacation

Truth be told, I believe the majority of our cache finds are outside of Edmonton. The fantastic thing about geocaching on vacation, or on short/long car trips, is the neat places you may find that otherwise would have been missed. If it's not a fantastic location, at least we got out of the car to stretch our legs!

Two of our first out of town geocaching adventures were on our way to visit the Ukrainian Village, to the east of Edmonton. We stopped off at a little cemetery smack dab in between the divided highway! 100 Fun Adventures (GC1JH8B) and YellowHead East YLHDAB (GCM6QR).

Found While Geocaching
We have geocached in and around Jasper, Banff, and Canmore. Wagner Natural Area (just outside of Edmonton to the west) is a lovely place to geocache. I've even geocached around Sylvan Lake during a storytelling retreat. These are all in Alberta, of course, but we've geocached outside the province too.

Manatee Cove. Unseen in photo: two dozen manatees!
Manatee Cove (GC10260) in Florida, USA was an amazing geocache. The cache was hiding within the mangle of roots of a very cool tree, but the really great thing about this geocache (which we found on a Valentines Day) were the manatees! We counted about two dozen manatees slowly swimming and grazing in this inlet--- they had come in for the warmer waters.

The B.B. & B.C. Cache (GCWQ5K) took us to a wonderful model train museum in Bellingham, Washington, USA where we had to find the answers to the questions by searching the place. This went over very well with our son, lol!

Model Train Museum
Spin the Bottle (GCGY7J) was a traditional cache at Bottle Beach, Washington, USA. A really great place to stop and stretch the legs on a long car trip. Even better if you're a bird watcher.

And one of my all time favourites...
DR. Who. (GCW6EM) in Portland, Oregon. I can only aspire to be so clever! This one required taking *all* the clues and hints with you in order to get to the cache container... or else you'd be sadly disappointed. That's all I can say publicly/online :P


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