Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crayon Molds!

I just had to make an additional post on all our melted crayon fun and a plug for reusing items!

I love reuse stores!
Goodwill, Value Village, the Bissell Centre, the Edmonton Reuse Centre, and the new Free Store are a few of the ones available to us in Edmonton! And then there are all the consignment stores too.

I highly recommend second hand stores period, but they are absolutely fantastic for crafts. Don't have a pot to waste or risk? Go to a second hand store! Need some molds? Go and find some from a reuse store, you just never know what you may find!

Arrow crayons
I went to Goodwill and found all kinds of treasures. Of course there were old muffin tins of various sizes, but there were also all kinds of novelty ice cube trays and silicon molds too! And these molds were only $0.49 each, what a deal! I didn't buy everything I saw, lol. However, I did come home with three new rubber ice cube molds originally from IKEA.

Long Crayons
Now, I must admit, the rubber molds were not the easiest to use for this particular craft. I had placed them in the freezer to cool off quicker and found the new crayons difficult to remove. But! Once I let the molds warm back up to room temperature, the new crayons were a *bit* easier to remove and I didn't break any--- but they certainly did not slip easily out like the previous shell and pyramid molds I used. Oh, and the crayons stained the rubber IKEA molds. C'est la vie!

Ikea rubber molds
Another note to add:
The shell crayons were a huge loot bag hit. The kids loved them. And no one ate them... since inquiring minds wanted to know ;-)

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