Friday, May 6, 2011

AGA-- Drawn Outside children's gallery

Brian Jungen
We went to the Art Gallery of Alberta the other day to see Brian Jungen's sculptural installations before it closes on May 8th. It was nice to be able to take photos in an art gallery! Of course, this was the only gallery in which photos were encouraged ;-)

The other galleries we enjoyed were Sherri Chaba: The Silence of Chaos, Walter J Philips: Water and Woods, Nature and Spirit: Emily Carr's Coastal Landscapes, Haida Art: Mapping An Ancient Language, and Lawren Harris Abstractions.
Brian Jungen

My son's favourite was the children's gallery space created for hands on experiences and I don't blame him. While walking through Sherri Chaba's delicate work, I so wanted to touch it! I wish art galleries would bring in  more exhibits that are specifically meant to be interacted with. I've heard art students often have a project to design art for people who are blind-- meaning they are textural... touchable! I'd love to see the AGA use a gallery space for touchable art!

Drawing Outside is the new children's gallery complete with a climbable landscape. Lots of textures, colour, and lines everywhere to explore. Kids can make rubbings of the textures or play with the magnetic table. There are two pieces of art on the walls with moving sections. There is a card with a search and find list and a video that runs constantly (silently).

If you live in the area or are visiting and if you are bringing children, make sure to pick up the "Let's Explore Art" booklet at the front desk. It can be a fun way for them to explore the galleries. It has search and finds, places to answer questions, and sections to draw in. It makes it more interactive!

Also, the AGA website helps to explore art at home too! The newest art projects are print making (to compliment Walter Philips) and abstract forest collage (to compliment Emily Carr).



  1. The museum looks great! I'll have to take a look at that website.
    It's hard to not be able to touch things in a museum, isn't it? My youngest daughter has the hardest time with it when we go to places like that!

  2. It is a great museum. In fact, in my son's own words, "it's a piece of art." You can check out the video that shows the renderings of the building here:

    Ya, we can yearn for the days of touchable art that are so far and few between ;-)


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