Friday, January 28, 2011

Illuminations on the Square: Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is quite late, but it looks like a BLAST! Happening tomorrow (Saturday).

Copied and pasted from my email:

Illuminations Lights up the Square TOMORROW

Saturday January 29, 2011
4-10 pm
Churchill Square
If you've walked by Churchill Square this week you might have noticed that the Circus is in town! Circus Orange and the Winter Light team have been in full force preparing for Illuminations, happening this Saturday from 4 to 10 pm.

The past week has seen a giant Tricycle blowing off test flames, the installation of a 50-foot high crane above City Hall, and an amazing on-site crew testing the nuts and bolts for custom-built spectacle theatre: rigging, pyro, fire crew, lights, and sound.

The Winter Light team has also been busy setting up welcome areas, warming fires and special lights. The whole team is excited to be so close to showtime. Get ready for a spectacular show!

Tomorrow, the Yukigassen crew will be start their snowball battle demo at 4 pm. Watch the game to get a sense of how it's played, then take part in some target practice.

Sun and Moon Visionaries has set up a tipi in front of City Hall, with contemporary and traditional Aboriginal programming by b-girl Lunacee (Angela Miracle Gladue) alongside dancer Leo Letendre.

Drummer and singer Lyle Tootoosis, in collaboration with Randall Paskemin of Canyon Records, have given Winter Light a song which will be performed at the Blessing of Illuminations. The gift of a song is a tremendous honour, and we are so pleased to share this with all the Winter Light audience members. Aaron Macri has recorded Lyle performing this song which will echo through his soundscape later in the evening.  

Winter People will enact tableaux of the season’s times past. Winter People comprises a well-recognized ensemble of local theatre artists: Darrin Hagen, Linda Karenko, Dana Andersen, Davina Stewart, Patrick Howarth, and Andrea House.

Conductor Jordan van Biert and the Illuminations Choir have a gorgeous set of songs that will fill the Square with the sound of the human voice. Then street performer Aytahn Ross will round up the crowd with an elegant physical theatre showcase that plays with light.

Special guest stars Circus Orange have brought their remarkable, custom-built Tricycle across the country to Edmonton especially for the Illuminations finale. It's huge and it spouts fire, which will impress even more at night as it wheels across the Square.

Circus Orange features dancer/aerialist Jennifer Fell, Pyro Leader Tom Comet (with Paddy Murphy, Jonah Logan, and the local crew), Artistic Director Rebecca Carney, master clown Helen Donnelly, and “in-Trike” musician James “Fish” Fisher.  

The cast is rounded out by local talent Jesse Gervais, Rapid Fire Theatre, and Vibe Tribe.

The tech run-through on Thursday night was a great preview of the sound, music, and lights. A big hats-off to Winter Light and Circus Orange crew leaders: Tom Comet, Matt Vest, Rebecca Carney, Gin May, Mike Tulley, Shauna Murphy, Ryan Barbazuk, Rebecca Starr, and Operation Manager Andrew Bursey.  Running the show and keeping the whole thing on track is Stage Manger Marian Brant. Thank you!

See you tomorrow!

Schedule of Events
4:00 pm-6:30 pm Yukigassen, Tipi artists, roving performers, skating
6:30 pm Opening presentation: Honour Song and blessing
7:00 pm Illuminations Choir performance
7:30 pm Aytahn Ross performance
8:30 pm Winter Light Choir and Circus Orange

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