Monday, January 10, 2011

Deep Freeze For Sure

I am no keener and the weather on Saturday, not to mention the horrible roads, almost kept me indoors. However, we needed to venture out on an unrelated errand and, so, dropped by the festival. And I am shocked at the amount of people out on such a day! No, I'm not saying it was packed by any means (except the indoor venues and those selling food ;-), yet it was quite decently well attended.

Caged Beasts on the Ave
We wandered around, listened to a spot of music briefly at The Carrot, saw wild caged animals performing some odd ritualistic activity with sticks, caught the end of the Mummer's act, all before checking out the intense music and good food in the main hall. There were ice sculptures diligently at work and ice bars not yet in service. A photo op castle was a hit with many, but nothing beat that dragon sculpted ice slide for the kids! Curling, skating, tobogganing, warming up around the many fire stations! Tipi, free samples from Burt's Bees, Farmer's Market (we bought our eggs!) and Artisan Market. ...and more :)

Ice Bar not in Service

Sculpting Away

Free Wagon Rides

Borrow a Sled and Have Fun!

Are You Cold?

Not Just For the Little Kids ;-)

Backside of the 'castle' wall. Photo Op Anyone?


  1. Wow does it look rather unoccupied - compared to usual!

  2. Cool pictures ... and I mean cooollll!!!! Seriously those are lovely pictures Serena and it looks like such a good time.

    I ventured out briefly for groceries on Saturday but by the time I got back knew that I wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the day. Good for you! Looks like alot of fun.


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