Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Trip to the Muttart Conservatory!

Love in the Feature Pyramid ;-)
Yesterday we went to the Muttart Conservatory. We enjoyed strolling through the four glass pyramids, each supporting different plants: arid, temperate, and tropical zones, with the fourth pyramid being a changing themed pyramid. Right now the Feature Pyramid sports tons of brightly coloured flowers and several heart shaped arrangements.

We noticed several signs of spring, especially in the Temperate pyramid. I suppose spring comes early indoors ;-)

The Temperate Pyramid also features one of my favourite plants, the Wollemi Pine tree.  Apparently this pine was thought to be extinct and only know from fossil records until a man rappelled into a valley in Australia and found a living grove! About 15 years ago, in Sydney, they thought to reproduce this plant, for conservation, and send plants to various parts of the world. Canada got 6 plants with one going to the Muttart! It had been in quarantine for two years since it came growing in Australian soil. Then it had it's debut in a very informative display in the Feature Pyramid in 2009. And, like I said, it's final home is in the Temperate Pyramid!
Or Make a Wish (no coins)

My son's favourites are the Tropical and Temperate Pyramids followed closely by the Arid and Feature Pyramids. Overall, it's a lovely place to visit and sit. We ended up sitting in the Feature Pyramid listening to the classical music playing overhead while we snuggled and read through a guide book to prehistoric life.

Temperate Pyramid, A Pond with Fish

Signs of Spring in the Temperate Pyramid

More Signs of Spring in the Temperate Pyramid

Wollemi Pine with Cones

Arid Pyramid

Tropical Pyramid

Who's hiding in the Tropical Pyramid?

Lovely Water Feature in the Tropical Pyramid


  1. Beautiful pictures - looks like you and Adar had a wonderful time. Also looks like a perfect time to go!!!!

  2. Can you buy a season's pass so you could spend the day pretending you've flown to the tropics to escape the winters in the north. Do they let you spend overnight?

    We'll be back in the city in early June. We'd love to see your new house, minus a laundry chute and slide. Sometimes you just have to live a normal lifestyle.

  3. Yes Betsy, the Muttart offers an annual pass which you can buy any time. However, we usually buy the Edmonton annual multi-attraction pass which includes the zoo, Fort Edmonton, the John Jansen Nature Centre, as well as the Muttart.

    Lol, generally speaking the Muttart doesn't allow people to spend the night. There might be a group camping thing for kids... I wonder. That said, I think everything is available for a price. I know weddings there are not cheap!

    Early June? Well, keep us updated. Oh, and feel free to check out our house progress and details (and PHOTOS of course) over at Chasing Net Zero:

    You can tell me if we're living a normal lifestyle ;-)


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